A Multi-Sensory Creative



This unconventional perfume workshop begins with an exploration of our olfactory wonder chamber, where each bottle contains a super-realistic olfactory composition that symbolises a distinctive feelings, intimate emotions, arts or colours.  At the Game of Origins workshop, we aim to awaken your instincts and highlight beautiful memories and intimate details which are woven into personal narratives and individual identities.


Every single ingredients and raw materials used for our perfume workshops are composed by Vincent Micotti, and they are explicitly created to let the participants experience another way of interpretation in perfume world and express themselves through the olfactory artworks made by themselves. Each ingredient represents a scene: perhaps the impression of lying on grasslands under the soft morning sunshine, or the feeling of being embraced by the shimmering waves of lake water, or, more precisely, the scent of a newly-opened old violin case, or even a meteor shower. 

Some of the accords go even further beyond the imaginations: the aroma of an old book, tattoo ink, a glass of champagne, a new car, an ancient copper mine, a crystal ball, the hot beach sand, the cold winter air, the rain scent near the sea and lots more await you.

After picking up your favourite scent emotion from our ingredients lab, you can start creating your own perfume and turning your extraordinary memories into liquid narratives that delight the senses.



When you are happy with your compositions, you can fill your own perfume and box it in a luxury gift box of your choice. To top off your intimate creative experience, you can also enjoy a great time making your best ever gift design, and wow your friends with your creativity. It’s simple and fun: a large collection of beautiful boxes and the exquisite colourful ribbons and bows are at your disposal. You can embellish your own perfume with your signature touch and make it uniquely yours. Finally, you will take your signature scent home with you. Whenever your perfume drifts through the air across the light trails, a secret poet will open up a dialogue with your memories.