The Sensory Bookmarks for the Celebrations

Brighten up your dreams and make the extraordinary moments in your life even more special.

Whether it’s a birthday gift to your loved ones, an anniversary event with your closest friends, or a spotlight for your grand wedding celebration, we will be delighted to create an individual event for you and take you on a memorable journey.





Wedding Special & Guest Gifts

How can a wedding extravaganza be perfect without sparkling perfume diffused in the air? Enjoy making the exceptional gift for yourselves and the most eye-catching gift for your wedding guests.


We also offer the exclusive service of producing your perfume creation exclusively for you in any desired volume, quantity, and packed in your favourite gift boxes.

Everything is customisable, from the purse spray to the luxury full-size perfume, from the design of the perfume bottle, the gift box, the sealing wax, to the design of the ribbon – the options are endless. On top of that, there is no minimum quantity required for your bespoke edition. A made-to-order design for your celebrations can be made, starting from one single piece.

The outstanding custom-made event is only a step away, contact us for more information or request for a gift voucher to attend our standard workshop programme.