The Symbols in Memory

‘After this event, everyone will take home a beautiful artwork made with their memories and sensations.’

Do you still recall the smells reflecting the sweet memories of your childhood? Or maybe a romantic scent that makes you smile?

Have you ever wondered why a certain aroma brightens up your moods, strengthens your confidence or why, simply while travelling abroad, just a fine mist of your favourite perfume creates a feeling of comfort and delight instantly?

Encapsulate the Secret Memories

In a Bottle of Perfume


This sensory workshop will take your senses through a cognitive labyrinth, where your instincts will detect whether a particular scent symbolises a love affair or potential mortal danger. In other words, love it or hate it. These preferences are deeply rooted in your innermost nature, reflecting our true personality.

Everything seems abstract here, yet olfaction is indeed the oldest sense in the development of living organisms. In the past decade, the revolutionary perfumer Vincent Micotti has spent an immense amount of time in research and development to create his unique olfactory palettes, which represent the perception and language in our cognitive memory. ‘It is an innate code, an instinctive survival sense we were born with.’